PIPETMAX in Your Lab

When preparing biological samples, you need a lab assistant you can trust, one that is focused on consistency and reproducible results across 10’s and 100’s of samples.

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Advancing your science and increasing the pace of your experiments is your job! Being tied to the bench for routine pipetting tasks doesn’t have to be!

Replace your lab bench time with:

  • Time for scientific analysis and publications
  • Improved experimental accuracy and improved consistency
  • Fewer technical replicates

Let PIPETMAX prepare your biological samples for you to gain all the advantages of an expert pipette user and more.

One PIPETMAX can run a multitude of different applications.

  • qPCR / PCR
  • Kinase assays
  • Cell based assays
  • NGS library preparation
  • Protein Assays
  • Serial dilutions
  • Custom Liquid Handling Applications
13GIP164 Random Error Comparison

When preparing these biological samples, you need an assistant you can trust. PIPETMAX is the ultimate lab assistant – focused on consistency.

Numerous technical replicates are often included in the experimental design in order to compensate for user inconsistencies, however that wastes samples, time and reagents. PIPETMAX prepares every assay with proven consistency, delivering high precision and accuracy in routine pipetting tasks. PIPETMAX out-matches the consistency of even experienced pipetters. Just imagine what this improved precision throughout an entire experiment would mean for your next publication.

So, what will PIPETMAX do for you?

So what will PIPETMAX do for you Bullets