PIPETMAX Accessories

Tips and Accessories for your PIPETMAX.


The BLISTER REFILL is the new PIPETMAN TIPS packaging, specially designed to be cost effective and environmentally friendly while maintaining the highest quality of standards.

  • More convenience: just open the lid and pick the rack up.
  • More environmentally-friendly: uses less plastic
    and reusable
  • More savings on tips: no need to pay for the box
  • Use the same tips for manual pipettes and PIPETMAX

Blister Refills are available to cover volume ranges from 1 to 1000 μL. They’re available with standard, sterilized and sterilized filtered tips.

Special tips validated for use with 384 well plates are
also available.



PIPETMAX Riser with storage

Convenient storage and waste compartment allow you to have tip refills and PIPETMAX accessories at your fingertips, while safely containing your disposed tips.


Exchangeable Pipetting heads

A variety of exchangeable calibrated pipetting heads are tailored for your applications needs.


PIPETMAX Tube and Plate Racks

A variety of tube racks and plates, standard metal racks, freezer blocks, and circulating chilling block. Customizable racks are available upon request.


External Hood Sensor

External sensor, to detect when hood is closed, for use when PIPETMAX is in a hood.

Pipette Head Flow Rate Range (mL/min) DIAMOND® Tips Volume Range (µL) DIAMOND® Filter Tips Volume Range (µL)
MAX8×20 0.0225 – 3.75 D200 1 – 20 DF30 1 – 20
DL10 1 – 20 DFL10 1 – 10
MAX8×200 0.225 – 37.5 D200 20 – 200 DF200 20 – 200
MAX1000 1.125 – 187.5 D1000 100 – 1000 DF1000 100 – 1000


Model Part Number Recommended Volume Range (µl) on PIPETMAX Sterilized Filtered Autoclavable
DL10 F172200 1 – 20
D200 F172300 20 – 200
DL10ST F172201 1 – 20
D200ST F172301 1 – 200
DF30ST F172303 1 – 20
DF200ST F172503 1 – 200


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