Coomassie (Bradford) Protein Assay

Increased Efficiency of the Coomassie (Bradford) Protein Assay for Protein Content Determination Using Simply Automated Liquid Handling vs. Manual Procedures


Standardized methods for quantitating protein in biological samples are becoming increasingly more important as data generated in basic research is translated into clinical trials and therapeutics. The Coomassie (Bradford) assay is a spectroscopic method used to determine the concentration of protein in a solution, through the interaction of protein with the dye Coomassie Brilliant Blue G-2501

The Coomassie assay performed in the is application was automated using the PIPETMAX 268 bench top pipetting system, and results were compared with manual method performance using a combination of PIPETMAN pipettes. Streamlining the manual pipetting steps through automated liquid handling resulted in less data variability and improvements in workflow efficiencies.

Standard curves from the Coomassie Protein Assay Micro Microplate Protocol Using BSA; prepared manually (Red) and with the PIPETMAX (Blue).

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